Your facilities

Home Automation - Nice, Cannes, Monaco

Simply control your installations from a tablet, smartphone or computer.


Manage all your lighting, automatically or as you wish. The lights can for example turn on depending on your presence, ambient brightness or custom, creating for example a cosy atmosphere. You can also set the outdoor lights on demand programmatically or through a detection presence.


Shutters, Blinds and Curtains

Manage the opening and closing on request, by programming time or automatically according to the desired brightness. 


Heating / Air Conditioning

Customize the temperature of each room in your home. You can apply a time schedule, manage this by presence detector or intervene manually, according to your wishes.



Drive all your AV devices: TV, home cinema, satellite receiver, DVR, DVD ... Choose for example to broadcast music throughout the home or leave the choice to each occupant to customize their listening. Stream your videos in any room. Use the "follow-me" function: start watching a movie in a room and continue viewing it in another room, according to your wishes.


Other possibilities

Control of electric windows, Control of cameras, temperature of the water of the swimming pool or Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam...